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Staying the Course: Consistency Is Key

"Ever wonder why intentions falter? Uncover the mind's tales that derail us and how to stay true to your goals."
Staying The Course - Consistency is Key
Let's talk about consistency, and why do some of us struggle?

So many of us don't we really struggle to find that intention inside ourselves to keep on a path of moving towards a goal or an intention that we have set. Why is this?

At It's Core What Is An Intention?

My programs Group, VIP & Prestige, always work with "Intention and Destination" measuring your successes, and accepting failure as growth mindset.

that mental state of mind that represents you committing to doing an action
At Its Core What Is An Intention?

If you don't have the intention, which is that mental state of mind that represents you committing to doing an action, to carrying out something that knows that it's going to affect your future self, it will be very hard to measure, set foundations and achieve the desire expectation.

  • So if intention does then involve planning, then beforehand you need to start creating that intention to say, what is the structure?

  • Do you know yourself, your values & your inner strength?

  • How do you start to receive this information that can help you on your way ?

What is this conscious decision that I am making to follow a particular course.

I think if we could get to the crux of this, we would all be managing and succeeding in a really great way.

And if we are looking at intentions which is like the compass, isn't it, you'll realise that you are setting sail with a route map, towards a direction for a specific destination.

The mental state of mind that represents you committing to doing an action
Intention Is Your Compass

 But what is the nature of being consistent to that journey?

Be Present, always have your constant idea of what shape or form, you are putting that structure into place with and how to achieve that intention, to get to that destination, that journey over time. Be realistic with time too.

 Your consistency is key

And if we can't regularly look at our consistent self and try to understand how do we get somewhere, then our brain starts to filter these experiences, this information that we are processing to get to our destination, to enjoy our journey.

And I want to say to you, "is it that idea, that we stick to a program?"

How many of us can actually say that when we start something ... It Feels Great!

We start something .... we do it for a couple of weeks, we might do it for a couple of days even, and suddenly, we fall off the bandwagon.


Align your Actions With Your Intention
Align With Your Intention

So being consistent means that we regularly have to align our action with our intention.

And it doesn't matter what changes around you.


Go shopping every morning.

Choose the intention, and feel that destination.

visit it, feel it, want it so much, emotionally you connect to it.

You need to be consistent to keep moving towards your destination point.

Even if I know that today has changed from yesterday, I still need to get these certain things done. 

Get Excited About What You Choose To Shop For
Shopping for Success


So the mind has, a filter, like a storytelling part of it?

And this is where I think the plot thickens.

And so our minds aren't just these passive,receptors, you know, we're a radio station.

 sharing and receiving frequency to achieve the destination.

And our mind is setting a path for us, our mind is a dynamic WORKING for us all the time, 78,000 thoughts a day, coming and go as visitors might at your front door.

Re-write your script as many times as you need to !
Your Mind is A Living Theatre - consistency is key

It's a living theater.

Of what we are writing, what script we are writing for ourselves.

And sometimes we scrap what we write!

It's true, sometimes we start something, and find that we have jumped 10 steps ahead instead of doing the first step which is your structure and your consistency and getting this structure right, which offers us the recipe for success, we want to be at the end before we have moved into the progress, the ups and the downs, enjoy (or not lol) the journey, eventually achieving and feeling and wearing our success.

What is your narrative
Consistency is Key


So I want you to know that your brain is filtering constantly.

It's filtering your experiences. Let me ask you, what are you experiencing today in terms of what story you're telling?

It gives you emotions, information about that storytelling.

So think about your day today.

What did you say this morning when you woke up?

What did you want to achieve today?

Stay in your own Narrative, don't go off route!
Filter your Intentions - Consistency is Key!

Let's use today as an example.

And as I ask you to think about your day, did you get pulled into a different narrative ?

Somebody else's? your mothers, your sisters, your colleagues, your work, or did you stay on track just for a portion of the day to meet your focus, to meet your intention?

So, you can either align with this lovely consistency, or you can take a different route and sometimes the route takes you away from your core WANT!

And this is something that I think we can all get lost in.

Don't Let Immediate Emotions Crash The Party - Release the Overwhelm

So let me give you an example.

What if you make a decision today?

And you decide that you're going to, start to create a business (let's use a business scenario).

"Ever wonder why intentions falter? Uncover the mind's tales that derail us and how to stay true to your goals."
Consistency is Key - Don't Let Overwhelm trash your Passion!

And you are really influenced by your emotional intention to look at:-

  How do I create this business for myself?

And what are the steps involved?

So you get all optimistic. 

We all get optimistic.

And then suddenly, when we start to look at the steps

We fall down, because our emotional state in this immediate moment can be "OVERWHELM"

  So instead of taking the breath up and out to release the overwhelm,

to bring us back to the plan, we then override this intention,

and we just think it's too hard, and WE SCRAP IT!

How sad is it, that that we can't take a perfect idea and craft it, and create a foundation for it, and then bring it to the front.

Allowing immediate emotions to override our our long term want, we can sometimes scrap really good ideas.

Another thing that I'd like us to consider is what about if you're trying to keep an intention that was a version of yourself from 2 years ago, and you have changed as a beautiful physical person in that 2 years. Be kind, open and honest with your story.

So I have beautiful clients that I've been working with for a number of years. And they have totally changed. And because they have changed, they have grown. And because there is growth, They get to a point where they're at loggerheads with themselves because to grow again, means to get out of that nice comfort zone that they've created, where they're feeling calm and comfortable.


Change is Hard but Change is Necessary
Growth Pushes You Through - Consistency is Key!

When you invite change and growth happens, (and let me tell you that change is sometimes scary but necessary), your narrative needs to change as you learn more, grow more, succeed more. This is PROGRESS!

Always remember the narrative that you're creating, is a narrative that you want today.

It isn't a narrative that you created 2 years ago, that you're trying to make happen today.

So the comfort that we have created over the last 2 years of growth, it allows complacency to, jump in, AND it becomes very hard to shift our intention to a new growth path.

Because we are in a state of false security because we feel like we have achieved what we set our minds to.

And let me just throw something else into the pot. 

So our minds have this need for storytelling or creating a narrative.

What do we tell ourselves? we have 78,000 thoughts a day, and we tell ourselves these stories, and we often weave these little stories into justifying why something didn't work out.

So maybe you starting a new business and you're maybe choosing a name for your new business, and months down the line, you still haven't even put the name down.

You're either a perfectionist, so you think every name is going to not work for you, STOP!

Just get on and choose a name.

You can always change your name, but you've just lost TIME!

So don't allow the idea that it has to be a perfect name, be an excuse.

A name is an external factor that is asking you to put your dreams on on hold.

 So you get 6 months down the line and you realize,

"oh my gosh, if I had just chosen the name when I said, I could have been now launching my business sooner"


Don't get stuck on changing your story.

Be consistent with the story that shows the success of the business. I want to applaud you.

I want to say, well, done.

If you have started to really create this narrative that excites you.

  • Narrative for a new relationship;

  • Narrative for letting go of a relationship that doesn't serve you;

  • Narrative for bringing in a new business;

The narrative is only you creating the story.

Don't let somebody else's narrative steal your story.



Keeping you on track to reach your destination!
Mentorship is Necessary - the Key to Consistency

As a mentor I offer a range of mentorship Programs. From the Cadillac (Prestige Program) to the set VIP Program, to the Group Community Program. All are incentives to help you on your journey to reach your destination.

Whether you are using a mentor, or a friend, (or not), I want to push you today, and ask you what is your narrative and can you hold yourself accountable?

I'm very logical and need foundations. So how good are you setting your foundations strong ?


Start to trust you are strong enough to create the expecation of a great journey.

Visit the route in your shopping basket daily, feel how it excites your mind, and taste the success that will come from it.

My wish for you is to delve deeper into your consistency plan, into that play between what is your intention and what is the action you're taking?

And I also want to say that sometimes it is good, isn't it, to have somebody at your side, you can trust and roll idea's with. That together, you can explore different strategies which strengthens the alignment with what you really have an intention to do, but sometimes talk yourself out of.

I want you to know that there are so many factors that affect many of us from achieving our desire. And a lot of them are external.

And so I want to remove the external factors and give you freedom to go on this journey of discovery. 

This journey of discovery and mastery where you can unravel this storytelling in your mind and you can take the power that gets you excited for the journey, and you can create this intention and receive, get to the destination, and truly step into feeling.

As soon as you've arrived, there are new mountains to climb!
Success Equals Growth - Consistency is Key!

You know that feeling when you just feel like you've arrived, that something has happened, all of us have experienced it sometime in our life,

  • when you got your driver's license;

  • when you got that degree;

  • when you stepped into that passionate place of work that you've always wanted to do ;

and you feel, like you've arrived! Amazing happiness flowing through you! That is the feeling we all strive to have.



This is what I'm asking you to consider this week.

I want you to consider your intentions and your consistency.

And always each morning, go and look and rewrite the narrative if it is not serving you.


Don't forget if you are interested in any of my programs you're welcome. I always welcome you. I do believe sometimes, like I said earlier, that to have somebody that is just holding your energy, as you move into a new force field, or a new frequency is sometimes very important.

If you enjoyed the blog feel free to comment. Ask me anything too. Big Hugs Always Rose



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