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Life's Tug Of War

Updated: Jan 26

When Life Tugs at Our Heartstrings:

Embracing the Trials and Reveling in Our Inner Wealth

How To Keep Yourself Motivated
Life is a Game, A Tug Of War

*Why?* This word resonates deeply in many of our hearts. We often find ourselves pondering, *why is life filled with trials, testing us, blocking our path, and pulling our insides out?* The universe's curriculum for our growth is truly a puzzle.

This is the conundrum many of my clients present, a seemingly unending labyrinth of challenges and obstacles.

Whether it's the heartache from feeling let down by family, the despair that ensues from losing a job, or the debilitating self-doubt that leaves us not feeling worthy enough, life can be a rigorous test of our spirit.

However, amidst this tumultuous journey, one profound remedy stands out: the power to pause. Just pause. Take a breath. Realize that at this very moment, our entire world is confined within this heartbeat, this inhalation and exhalation. The daunting future? It's merely a breath away.

In the world of mindset coaching, there's a spiritual ideology I often discuss: hardships are meant to be our "gifts". The immediate reaction to this can be one of disbelief or even scoffs. Gifts? One might think, *"What sort of gift brings you to the precipice, making you feel as if you're on the verge of toppling off your very existence?"*

Yet, it's precisely in these trying moments that profound self-reflection can occur. What do these challenges reveal about our innermost selves? How can we shift our perspective, our emotions, or navigate through an intricate situation or relationship?

This introspection brings us face to face with a monumental question: Are we genuinely ready to delve deep, wrestle with our challenges, and emerge stronger? If the answer is no, then perhaps, that issue was never truly pivotal to our essence. It might sound harsh, but sometimes we need that jolt to truly understand our priorities.

Yet, I know as well as anyone how in the throes of our darkest hours, feeling overwhelmed and dejected becomes second nature. It's as if a thick fog of despair blankets our vision and everything appears bleak. But here's my plea to you: **STOP.** Just for a moment.

Take a deep breath.

Cast your mind back to the past 24 hours.

Somewhere, buried amidst the chaos, there's a glimmer of good.

A moment, however fleeting, that brought a smile to your face, warmed your heart, or simply gave you peace.

Hold onto that moment.

Let it be your beacon, the ray of hope that guides you out of the darkness.

The wise words of my beloved nan often echo in my ears: "Life isn't meant to be a bed of roses." Yet, she also advised, "Make your bed, you lie in it."

These pearls of wisdom encapsulate life's essence. They remind us of the dual nature of existence: challenges are inevitable, but our reactions to them define our journey.

In a world obsessed with manifesting desires, perhaps it's time we take a moment to "womanifest" or "manifest" our aspirations differently. Start by sowing seeds of positive thought and watch them bloom into a life of contentment. With each small step, you'll find yourself closer to your desired outcomes.

Your heart, although anxious and weary, carries within it the promise of freedom. Embrace honesty, confront your challenges, and balance will soon be yours. Breathe easy and start anew. Even if all you possess are the basics, recognize the wealth in simplicity and balance. For true wealth isn't about tangible possessions. It lies in the profound realization that you, in all your complexities and simplicities, have always been enough.

So, as the sun sets and the warmth envelopes you, let this be your takeaway:

Life will throw curveballs, challenges will test your mettle, but your innate wealth, the acknowledgment of your self-worth, will always shine through.

You've got this. Always have, always will.

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