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Escape Negativity : Boost Your Mood Today

Guidance to escape negativity and help boost your mood today
Escape Negativity : Boost Your Mood Now

I've listened to your feedback on how to "Escape Negativity & Boost Your Mood Today" , of course you can start today, and I would like to share with you, 7 great steps to helping you overcome a worrying negative mindset.

You are welcome to watch the video or read my blog. Whatever works for your time. Remember to USE TIME and don't LOSE TIME. You can listen as you walk, while you drive or even as you cook. Let's get you motivated!

Especially when you're surrounded by all different types of negativity all around you. It's hard to stay postive and upbeat.

No 1 Escape Negativity : Boost Your Mood Today

Stop denying your feelings. Start Today!
You're Allowed to Have Feelings

I think it's something that we all sometimes struggle with, and that is acknowledging our own feelings.

If you can't recognize that you're feeling fearful, that you're anxious, that you're stressed.

It's very difficult for your body to be at ease.

And so then all these negative doubts and these fears, jump in for a visit, so today accept that it's okay.

To acknowledge if you're feeling upset, or if you feel that somebody's upset your feelings.

If you have a situation issue or relationship, where you have learned to swallow your words instead of having an opinion or a voice, acknowledge this is a feeling that sits as a knot internally and also eats away at your heart.

Once you acknowledge your feeling, you're recognizing it without judging yourself. This is when, you take back your voice and value your own opinions.

STEP 2 Escape Negativity : Boost Your Mood Today

Limit Exposure to Negative Influences
Stop Judging Yourself

I want you to limit exposure around any negative influences, any issues, situations, or relationships as much as you can.

So if you can't do it always, limit your time around those people who consistently radiate negativity.

Even, if you can't control the environment you find yourself in, and there's a lot of energy flowing that doesn't belong to you, I want you to know that you can control it by not participating in certain conversations, make the decision to actually step forward and say "Let's agree to disagree".

STEP THREE Escape Negativity : Boost Your Mood Now

Shift Your Focus, Your Mind Can Change Habits
Escape Negativity : Boost Your Mood Now

Shift your focus so redirect your attention.

I think sometimes it's very important for us to understand that if we keep focusing on an aspect of our life that is creating negativity, the Universe will always give you more of the same.

So how do you break shifting negative patterns? I want you to start to use one good saying to yourself, one mantra,

"How good does today get?"
"How happy will I be today?"

Practise Gratitude from this moment forward, moving into your day ahead....

  • Did you just have a cup of tea? Are you thankful for that?

  • Did you just put some petrol in the car? Are you thankful for that?

  • Are you able to go to work on the train, the bus, or in your car?

  • Are you thankful for that, or do you never think about being thankful?

I want you to start to note things that you can be thankful for.
 It will shift your mindset.

STEP FOUR Escape Negativity : Boost Your Mood Now

Shift your mood by using activity

You just get stuck in a pattern of negativity. Let's change this up from today!

I want to ask you to engage in positive activity.

So there's nothing like reaffirming your self worth ,like walking, weeding, exercising.

All those good things that get your endorphins working in your mind, it changes the neural pathway in your mind. It gives you access to feeling a lot more positive. It boosts your mind.

It boosts creativity, imagination, and it's almost like a chosen block against any negativity of other issues, situations or relationships.

Because if I'm in "Content Rose" state of being, then it it makes no difference who is coming in with their negativity. I'm in my 7 energetic layers of mind, body & soul. I am in my Balanced State of Being.

STEP FIVE Escape Negativity : Boost Your Mood Now

Find your calm by choosing words wisely
Escape Negativity Speak Nice To Yourself

Some of my beautiful clients ask me, how I manage to stay in my present moment, which is really hard to do, for any of us.

Plenty of Practise (LOL), but I choose to respond to any issue, situation or relationship negativity with calmness. I can shed a tear, have a feeling and write down and release these feelings, but ultimately I make a definite choice to stay true to Rose energy. Some affirmations you can choose, remember you can make any up that serve you for the day.

I'm a really happy rose today.
Happiness follows me.
Love is for me.

So what are you choosing that can break somebody coming into your force field, your energy field? I love to dance in the kitchen to eighties music.

Let me ask you ...... What makes you happy?
Use your positive affirmations every day to keep on track!

STEP SIX - Escape Negativity : Boost Your Mood Now

Who is in your front row today ? Ask yourself if they are lifting your mood or bringing you down.
Boost Your Mood Now Support Is Good!

The next thing is look who's in your front row.

So, are you keeping

negative situations,

negative issues

or negative relationships

locked away in your mind today ?

Are you keeping them in your focus point in your mind?

So they endlessly roam your mind, stealing your goodness and good energy from your day.

Because if that's what you always do.

Well, guess what?

That's a choice you are making.

Consider this is a choice and if you are constantly being dragged down, you are choosing to do this.

Choose who's in your front row every single day. People, family, lovers, children will come and go. They are your lessons in your life to teach you how to stay and trust your calmness.

Because if you have always surrounded yourself with negativity, then expect more. But if you change this awareness today and surround yourself with only positive people, then karma dictates that positiveness will follow.

When you choose who stands with you in your positive front row, you are reinforcing the expectation to the Universe, that you can receive perspective from people around you who are of similar frequency, that talk your energy, talk your language.

There's also great support from Counsellors, Therapists, Mindset Coaches, we are here for a reason, to allow yourself the freedom to feel, release and step into a new tomorrow.

If you are in a period of grief, maybe you're going through the loss of a loved one, the loss of a relationship, even self loss - where you've lost a bit of yourself. This is the time to seek support, It is a great way to turn things around for yourself.

When you see your patterns, you realise at any moment you can change them, and choose to stand in your own light and positiveness.

STEP SEVEN Escape Negativity : Boost Your Mood Now

Use mindful awareness and breath as tools to step back into positive YOU!
Escape Negativity : Boost Your Mood Now

The last thing I want to really push is relaxation technique, so your breath as a gift.

Remember breathing from your pelvis all the way up, to let it go as a visitor, to the blue sky above you, and bringing back that sense of calm.

And mindfulness. Whatever you are putting your focus into, is where & what your mind is actually full of at the moment.

Consider this right now:-

Where were your thoughts in the last hour?

Did They Serve You Or Hinder You ?

Did You Manage to Switch Them Off?

Are You Even Aware Where Your Thoughts Have Been?

(If you can't answer any of these questions, then I can most definitely help if you're ready to choose to put some energetic work into your own wants and desires)

Because, if you're mindfully putting negativity in there, then let the Universe give you some more to deal with.

If you're mindfully telling the Universe how grateful you are, then you're choosing to be protected in your 7 energetic layers, that you're breathing up and bringing back the balance, then mindfully, the universe will give you back what you send in terms of focus.

You can find positivity in the most difficult situations!
Escape Negativity : Boost Your Mood Now

I want you to know that by consciously choosing how you respond, to any energy, and by focusing on your own frequency, you can create a really calm, peaceful mindset, even if it's in a challenging environment.

And that's something which I think is something we can all learn is that by realizing and responding, to how you are really feeling.

You can change the conversation that your energy is having with the physical vehicle that is your body. So I hope that makes a bit of sense.

If you are interested in learning more about mindset, remember you can get in touch, I have one space available on my PRESTIGE PROGRAM, which is tailor made for you.

Or the Group Coaching is great if you want to be inspired every week, keep you on focus, keep you moving forward focused every week.

It really is true, that sometimes we go back to old patterns because we step outside being honest with ourselves, we step outside, gifting ourselves, time weekly, where we can focus on what are we really considering for our own lives in the week ahead.

So everybody's welcome! If you'd like to get more info, message me on Instagram or Facebook, or email

I really appreciate you. I want to wish you a wonderful week going into this week. If you feel this blog has helped you, please feel free to share with your friends and family.

I believe word of mouth is the best way to be authentic and true to sharing energy, so if are going to share, many many thanks, I so appreciate you supporting what I love to do.

Don't forget my online readings and my 1 2 1 transformation online sessions if you need motivations or guidance.


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