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Choice, Change & Purpose

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Choice, Change & Purpose The Art of Breath & Free Will

First, let's meet our leading actors: Choice and Change, a dynamic duo that can be your closest allies or your most daunting adversaries. They're like those unpredictable reality show contestants who keep you glued to the screen, wondering what they'll do next.

Ever feel like you're the main character in a exciting Adventure book, where each decision might either help you reach limits you can’t believe, or to success and a feeling of total accomplishment?.... or plunge you into a sea of pitfalls?

Wouldn’t it be just great to have that cheat sheet or, better still, a crystal ball? Welcome to the thrilling, hair-raising ride of navigating choice, change, and finding purpose.

Choice, my beautiful friend, is the powerful yet scary privilege of picking a path. It really is the Free Will that you are born with. It's the crossroads that makes you the architect of your destiny. Exciting, right? But it can also be the cold sweat-inducing fear of drafting the wrong blueprint, the anxiety of tracing a line that could lead to a magnificent castle or a perilous pit.

Change, on the other hand, is that scary feeling of dancing a tango with a complete stranger. It's the roller coaster ride without a safety harness, the thrill of the highs and the gut-punch of the lows. It can be the heady rush of a new experience or the panic-inducing plunge into an unfamiliar abyss.

Now, you might be thinking, "Great, Choice and Change sound like a couple of adrenaline junkies. But where does my purpose fit into this heart-pounding narrative?"

Your purpose is like the North Star in this riveting story book. It's your guide, your mentor, your light in the darkest of plot twists. But the plot thickens when Choice and Change enter the scene. They make you question, challenge, and sometimes even doubt your purpose. Writhing in total ecstasy or flailing deep down in the pits of despair.

"Is this what I'm really meant to do?" "Is this where I want my story to go?" “What next chapter am I creating?” These questions start to hover like ominous clouds, threatening to rain on your purpose parade.

But here's the plot twist you've been waiting for: Choice and Change aren't the villains of this story. They're the catalysts that help you pay attention to your life purpose, forcing it to prove its mettle in the face of adversity. The challenge they bring is can be soul defying, a trial by fire that can forge your purpose into an unshakeable core.

Understanding this turns the tables. Choice becomes the tool that shapes your path, and Change becomes the adventure that enriches your journey. Their presence doesn't diminish your purpose; it strengthens it. You start to believe in your inner strength, and that you have the capacity to move forward more. Choice and Change are like the grueling training montage in a hero's journey, shaping you into a purpose-driven powerhouse.

So how do you tame these wild horses of Choice and Change? The answer is Trust.

Trust in your purpose. Trust in your ability to make choices and to adapt to change. Trust that every decision, every twist and turn, is a stepping stone to a purpose-filled life. Trust, beautiful soul, is the magic ingredient that transforms Choice and Change from daunting hurdles into empowering allies.

Trusting your purpose is like harnessing the power of the wind to steer your ship, no matter how stormy the seas. It's the compass that keeps you oriented, the lighthouse that guides you through the fog. It's the unyielding belief that you're the author of your life, that you hold the pen that inscribes your destiny.

Your purpose is like your favorite bookmark. It keeps your place in the lengthy novel of life. It is that line in the sand that whispers, "This is you. This is where you want to be." But what happens when the winds of change blow hard, or the choices you make turn the pages too fast? The bookmark slips, you lose your place, and suddenly you’re thumbing through the pages, trying to find where you were, who you are.

Take this newfound understanding and stare down the intimidating faces of Choice and Change. Use them as the chisel and hammer that sculpt your purpose, the yin and yang that maintain balance in your existential journey.

Remember, Choice is your freedom to shape your life, and Change is the opportunity for growth. Trust your purpose as the guiding light amidst this thrilling spectacle.

When faced with a buffet of choices, don't freeze. Serve yourself a generous helping of courage, add a dollop of intuition, and a sprinkle of rational thinking. Remember, no choice is inherently right or wrong; they're simply different dishes on the buffet of life.

As for change, don't just wait for the storm to pass. Learn to dance in the rain. Understand that change, though uncomfortable, often moulds us into our best selves. It chisels away our rough edges, revealing the masterpiece within.

Amidst these gusty winds of choice and change, trusting our purpose might seem like trying to hold onto a kite; it tugs, it pulls, it wants to fly away. But by giving it the freedom to soar, by trusting it, you don't lose the kite; you become a part of its journey.

So, as we embrace choice and change, our trust in our purpose deepens. We realize that our purpose is not a static entity but a dynamic, evolving force. It’s like a trusty steed on this epic adventure called life, ready to gallop, ready to explore, if only we trust it enough.

So, what’s stopping you? Choose, change, trust, and see how your purpose takes you on a journey beyond your wildest imagination. Enjoy the ride, for it's in the riding that you understand the depths of your purpose. Every turn, every bump, every fork in the road, serves to reinforce your understanding of your true self.

In this cacophony of choice and change, your purpose is your symphony. So, tune in, adjust your frequencies, dance to the rhythm of change, serve yourself a plate full of choices, and savor each morsel. And as you do, you’ll find your purpose humming a melody, a tune that's uniquely, unmistakably you. Trust it, for it is the tune of your life, the song of your soul, the rhythm of your existence.

Now, go out there, make choices, embrace change, and let your purpose lead the way. And remember, no matter how winding the road, no matter how steep the climb, as long as you trust your purpose, you'll find your way. For your purpose is not just a destination; it's the journey, the adventure, the tale that's waiting to be written. And you, my beautiful friend, are the author of your very own story, which you created before you were even born!

You are the sculptor of your destiny. You are the maestro of your symphony. You were born to taste your life, how boring would life be if you had the same food, the same routine, day in day out! So, let the music play on, let the story unfold, let the adventure begin.

But let's get into what I want to share with you today, I have been busy creating a full Program based on types of breath work and how to use them in our daily busy lives, based on feedback from my subscribers.

I'd like to give you a sneak preview of the first 12 minute segment.

Let me know (if you listen as you're driving, or walking the dog) if you were able to take any pointers to help you in your daily breath. If you enjoyed this, and if you want me to keep you updated on the rest of the 6 modules.

I've included a short "Breath of 5" meditation at the end of the video just for YOU ! Enjoy <3

Sometimes, life is about, taking some time to absorb how we can use our own energy as a tool.

Big Hugs for a wonderful week ahead Rose

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