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Barely Keeping Yourself Afloat? That's A Lie !

Phew! Look at you, flicking through another calendar page, smashing through the wall of July month, and intentionally striding into the August! July reflections are your mirror to unravelling your secret successes. I’m here to let you know that you have been secretly winning every day in July. Even if you say to me "Rose, I'm barely keeping myself afloat". I've got good news for you. That's a lie ! Image the beast in the Gladiators Ring isn’t the enemy, but the relentless pace of life itself, is the real challenge! You’ve succeeded at seeing another month to the end. That’s success in itself. Maybe you need to hear this ! I'll be your Cheerleader!

But wait, I see you hesitating. "Me, successful?" you say, scratching your head, "I was just barely keeping my head above water!" Let me hold up a mirror to this past month, and perhaps ask you to close your eyes, and take that breath, and as you reflect, you'll see the countless battles you've won, the hidden triumphs obscured by the fog of self-doubt. 1% better is all you need to do daily to really succeed. There’s no race, there is only the gift of living life on your own terms.

Remember that time in the past month, you found yourself in a seemingly endless loop of panic, anxiety or stress? I know, not the most cheerful stroll down memory lane. You may not have noticed it at the time, but I want you to realize that you've grown from that very experience.

Often, we're so busy trying to navigate through life that we forget to acknowledge our own resilience. Does that sound familiar? If so, come along for the ride as we dive into the intricacies of the human psyche. Trust me; you’ll find this journey far more fascinating than your last Netflix binge (which I have to hold my hand up is sometimes necessary too lol)

In this swirling pool of energy that we call life, we often measure success with a yardstick defined by external mirrors. How others see us, seems to be how we rank ourselves. Whether this might be a high-paying job, a fancy car, a photo-perfect family - all wonderful things, but do they truly define success? I want to gift you a different view: success really doesn’t lie in fixing our problems, but in the balance we strike amidst the mind chatter. It's about how we harmonize our thoughts with our emotions, keeping our inner frequency tuned to the symphony of our hearts. This might sound like a line from a Hallmark card, but stick with me, I promise this gets interesting!

Think about your personal "Wheel of Life." Do you think about your monthly focuses, do you dream them into existence each month? If the answer is a resounding "NO", then let me ask you to start in August !

Imagine each spoke of your wheel representing different aspects – family, work, hobbies, relationships. Now, consider this - were there areas you paid more attention to in July? Did you let certain spokes languish, leaving your wheel wobbly? Maybe your kids have been home for the summer, painting your living room walls with ice-cream stains. Perhaps your parents decided to uproot their lives and embrace sun worshipping parts of the world, and you're their go-to moving help. Or maybe you stepped into a new job that's demanding more of your time than your animals?

What were your focus boosts in July? Were they enough for you to continue building or to allow the formation of new goals for August? Here's the good news, no matter your answer: you've made it this far, haven't you? That in itself, deserves a self-high-five! As we step into August, let's think about how to recalibrate your wheel, and refocus those attention boosts.

At this point, you might be thinking, "Easier said than done Rose!" And you're absolutely right. Changing habits is like trying to steer a cruise ship with a toothpick. (personally I love that picture in my mind) But remember, it's the consistent, small adjustments that create the most significant changes over time. That’s why the saying Rome wasn’t built in a day still does its rounds. Patience is needed to continue on your journey of growth.

I don't want you merely surviving; I want you thriving, dancing in the rain, arms wide open to the August sun. I want to be your gentle nudge, your reminder to pause and savour the success you've cultivated in your life. You see, we're creatures of habit, and habits are nothing more than patterns etched into our minds over time. I'm here to help you break that monotonous rhythm and scribble outside the lines. Sometimes its just necessary, to change the channel, break the pattern and get real naughty and scribble outside the lines!

Remember, you are not merely "good enough"; you are a walking, talking, breathing manifestation of potential. You are the most significant asset to your soul, a fact that's easy to forget through the hustle and bustle of your life. DON’T FORGET YOURSELF ! But it's not about what you can see, touch, or measure. It's about what you can sense, feel, and emotionally connect to that will create the deep-rooted feeling of achievement, alignment, and success. And I'm here to remind you that these aren't just fancy words tossed into the ether; they're touchstones for the journey ahead.

So, let's raise a toast to your successes of July, seen and unseen, and boldly face August, ready to sculpt it into a month of finding our 1% better! How about we march into the next month as if we're heading towards a new world brimming with undiscovered treasures? You are the treasure chest, what are you filling the chest with ? Because when we align our thoughts, feelings, and actions, success isn't just an end point—it's the thrilling adventure we embark on every single day.

I invite you to be more accountable to yourself. Not to the invisible crowd that judges your every move, but to the person you see in the mirror every day. Can we make a pact? To value ourselves and our journey a little more? You are so valued, never forget you are that warrior for your soul.

If you've managed to read this far, I want you to do one more thing - send me a message. Let's chat about the proven programs, whether you like a group community program, a private 1-2-1 or even a prestige full access to Rose program, I have available programs that can help you embark on this soul-satisfying journey of self-awareness and continuous growth. Consider it a pledge to yourself, to acknowledge and celebrate your achievements, and to commit to your future victories.

So, as we stand peering over the cliff, waiting for the start of another chapter, let's jump over and land with our feet firmly planted on the ground, not with fear or doubt, but with an unwavering spirit of knowing and soul wisdom! Because, my beautiful friend, the only person who defines your success is you, and I can’t wait to hear how you're going to set the world on fire in August. I look forward to hearing from you Rose x

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