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Unlocking Joy 5 Proven Hacks To A Happier You

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Let's chat about 5 proven hacks to stepping into a happier version of you in your life right now.

So I have been MIA (missing in action) for the last month. I just wanted to pop in and let you know that everything's fine. I've just had my son's wedding and my nephew's wedding on the go. So I had visitors from overseas for 5 weeks, and it was pretty hectic.

People from around the world, my sister from South Africa, my family from mainland UK, and, my family from Hawaii, and New York. And it was just a bit, of madness, but nice memories for my son and his wife. We had a wonderful wedding, so I'm just catching up with you.

And I thought that today I would like to help you navigate through your life's ups and downs.

And I'm sure some of us do sometimes feel a bit lost, and we feel very chaotic and we have these ever changing emotions, don't we?

And, so today, let's not make it so complicated.

Let me help you dive into 5, real life changing strategies that you can use to lift your spirit

and to bring clearness into your mind, clarity into your thoughts, and to guide you towards this warmth and this sunshine, that I'm sure that, you would love to just stand in a state of warmth and to live a very fulfilled version of yourself.

So Buckle up, and let's get ready for this little bit of a journey that we'll go on today.

And I know that many of us have heard of journaling, So why do we journal? So I suppose it's the magic. I suppose magic is imagination and it's created to help us, appreciate the good that we have in life. And to release, the not so good.

So maybe we keep that stuff at the back and the good in the front of our journal, and so we can get out of our body to remove disease from the body to bring us back to warmth and contentment.


Step into your ease as you let words flow out of your mind to find your joy
What words are creating your narrative for JOY?

So the magic of having a little £1 book in your bag, in your backpack, wherever you are in the day just grabbing it out and by dedicating just a few moments. At the end of each day, You can reflect on what's brought you joy and warmth, and you can anchor yourself.

You can remove vulnerabilities of maybe what you think you "could have done"...."should have done"..... differently.

Because you're only, building this reservoir. You're coming from this little stream and you're in your flow, and it builds a reservoir. of uplifting memories, if you are able to release what no longer serves you, and invite in what is uplifting you.

So what is the power of this,

Over time with practice, it can, directly have an effect. It can shift your own perspective.

Of how you see yourself, how you see your day. it can make you more resilient because sometimes we're far too sensitive, so it can make us resilient to, understanding our wants and needs and what do we really want.

I think that sometimes we lose our center. We no longer aligned because we lose that focal point of who is rose, who am I, am I bringing to my life? Because I'm not focusing on today.

I'm just focusing on a big massive picture of my life of the last how many years.

I get lost in today. I I don't even appreciate today.


Let me give you a proven technique that will help you set your mind to finding contentment.
Pay Attention To Finding Your Joy

So based on the first hack, keep your little book and write it at the end of every day if you can. Getting started, just find a small book that speaks to your heart. And every night, just write three things from today that you're thankful for. Just three things.

And over time, you'll see that even on the toughest of days, you will find 3 things to be thankful for. It will, elevate your warmth inside yourself. So then it moves us to reflection, doesn't it?

So we're meandering down our stream, and we wanted to go to reservoir, to bring home the importance of being present. So our minds have this uncanny ability to wander, to take us all directions (that's why the granny's always said, "the little devils in the mind"), because it can get us ensnared and stuck in past memories, past anxieties, past regrets.

So creating pockets of reflection throughout your day can act as an anchor, can bring you back to a grounding, can bring you back to a present moment.

How would I ask you to do that? Well, a real good tip for the second point is four times a day. So consider setting aside 5 minutes four times a day. 5 minutes. You might do it when you're having when you're waiting for the kettle to boil. You might do it when you're sitting on the loo, of that's the only time you think you have, take your book in and and and write down something.

So what do I want you to pause and reflect for?

Because in the last 3 hours since you wrote in your reflection, journal, you actually, had maybe a small success. And normally, you'd overlook it because it's not a big success.

So what if, however minor it seems, What if you changed something today? Because you're becoming more aware, and over time, your success snippets, these little snippets of success they will remind you of just how far you've come and the growth that you have, stepped into.

And then your stream becomes more more of a river. You go with your flow.

And those four times, let me tell you, maybe breakfast, tea time, lunchtime, and dinner time. That you're having 3 to 4 hours between each one. And maybe from those successes, at the end of the day, you're feeling grateful for what you've received. So the next hack is a very important part, especially for me. I'm guilty of this.


I've always been into networking, and I've been into computers. I've been network engineer, and so I love computers. And I love learning, and, it's a double edge sword, isn't it, when you think about it? Technology.

A proven hack to take back time, to gift yourself freedom to enjoy good conversations and fall in love with your life all over again.
Technology is stealing time from your joy

So while it's brought us really great connectivity, (and I'm talking to you now because of the grace of the WAN, the Wide Area network), that is why we're all talking to one another. It's also created this vortex kind of, endless notification and endless new pings from Facebook and Instagram and email and social media.

And, it's a distraction. What is it a distraction from ? Your breath.

The joy of unplugging!!

I'm old fashioned. I'll share with you, I love to eat my dinner at the dinner table, my breakfast, my lunch, we always sit at the table. We never sit in front of a TV eating.

That would be my worst. So, when would I consciously choose to disconnect to give me some breath time during those times. Maybe. For a few hours a day.

So maybe during dinner, I just put my phone on charge in the lounge, and I don't look at it. So Trevor and I can talk to one another and really appreciate each other and not worry about looking because a bing bing bing is going off in the background or on our phones, on our watches, because these days, you're even being reminded on your watch that there's a message coming in, so then you can't focus in on having, disconnection time from digital technology.

So, what if You gifted yourself. You gifted yourself a book.

You gifted yourself to turn a page, to write in a book, to read a book.

Or, we love records, so they call them vinyls these days, but I'm old, so it's records to me lol.

So what if I sat in the lounge and listened to some B52 with Trevor and listen to the great eighties albums. (*I must admit we do this often in the hot tub too)

And while we are enjoying that music, no technology, just listening and enjoying.

Having a glass of wine, having a cup of tea. The world looks different when you're not just looking at a tablet screen, a phone screen, a PC, the world looks different when you're looking at someone looking back at you.

Otherwise, we will become a hermit


Then the 4th point, which is so important, and, actually just to share with you, I've been invited, which I'm really excited about, to be part of, a community "The Sculpted Vegan" who are doing an over 50's Fitness Shred, and I've been invited to bring the energy to calm on a Sunday, where I'm going to share meditation and a session on "Rest & Digest".

So everybody in this community is going to be very active. It's a group of, beautiful people exercising during the week. And so Sunday, I'm going to take them to their breath and put away all the stress and really just go into their mind set to remove disease and bring about ease.

Your body is your physical vehicle, use this proven hack to step back into enjoying your smiles, giggles and laughter.
Movement is about dancing like no one's watching you.

Physical activity is necessary to thank your physical vehicle, your body! It doesn't matter how intense it is.

Like, it could be walking up and down the street with your dog. It could be going to the shops. Listen, when you're shopping, you're walking, and if you're walking, you're exercising,

So endorphins are often referred to as nature's antidepressant.

And, the best way to release them is to find your rhythm. Doesn't have to be a marathon. It can just be a nice calm walk, whether it dancing. I love dancing in the kitchen to Tina Turner.

Used to do it with Suki my border collie, but Suki is no longer with me, but in any way, I still like to dance to the music.

Whether it's practicing yoga, some people love yoga, taking a walk, to the forest, hugging a tree,

Identify in the next few days, what resonates with you?

When you feel those endorphins being released, is it when you're swimming? Is it when, you're walking? Is it when you're dancing? When is it?

Because your body will Thank you.

Your bones and your muscles need exercise. So a lot of us, I'm included, sit at thecomputer, It's not giving me the exercise that I need. So I still need to find a rhythm. So move your body.


This is the most important hack. Spread joy and kindness.

But can we start with ourselves? Can you be your own cheerleader?

And so many of us are just so harsh on ourselves. we're often our worst critic.

I'm sure that, you know, you look at your body, you look at your aging face, you look at your hair, there's always some type of, insult, we can throw it ourselves.

Words are spells, spells are cast through emotions, lets find the right words to motivate joy, contentment and love in your life starting with self !
Are you your own worst critic? This hack will change your mirror to help find the joy again.

So from today, stop this. From today, spread a bit of kindness to yourself.

Start by being patient with yourself. Every morning when you're brushing your teeth, make friends with your soul in the mirror. Make friends with yourself. Look into your eyes. Your eyes hold your wisdom and acknowledge one thing that you love about yourself.

I'm not saying be vain. I'm saying, Do you like the way your hair curls? Do you like that you let your hair grow natural? Do you like that you've made your hair blonde? You're a blonde bombshell. What do you like?

Give yourself one thing that you like. Be your own cheerleader when you're brushing your teeth in the morning. Or in the evening when you go to bed. why? Because when you spread self care and kindness to others, you're starting to engage, tasting your life.

Life is made up of different spices of life. So you relish the food you eat.

You you enjoy listening to the music. You feel textures in your clothes and your makeup, your glasses.

So when you're present, acknowledging yourself, then it can be profoundly therapeutic. You can really fall into yourself.

What does that, ultimately lead you to? It leads you to honoring your temple.

So your heart is your temple. Your body is a machine. And it has been created to continuously work .... to helping you breathe, use your free will, to stay alive, and thrive.

And to rest and digest.

And from our heartbeats, it gives us circulation the ability to heal.

So if we are thankful for this circulation for this breath, I just took for this life.

We start to taste our life.

So I want you to consider developing a daily ritual where you express gratitude.

You you give kindness to all different parts of your body.

Have you thanked your feet for walking?
Have you thanked your knees for holding your fears?
Have you acknowledged your hips for allowing you to sit?

It's incredible how the body will respond to the internal conversation of you giving it credit for being your vehicle in this lifetime.

And Your body performs these tasks, walks for you, talks for you, gives you a voice, gives you thoughts without any conscious thought from you.

It does it. Because we are trained. We are trained in patterns and habits. That's a whole new conversation.

So embarking on this journey to your happier self,

you need to have a bit of patience.

You need to be a bit more persistent, maybe, and

you need to give yourself a good dose of vitamins for your soul, which is self love.

And, it isn't a race.

It's just this gentle meandering stream, and every turn

gives you an unexpected joy if you're mindfully paying attention.

So as you implement these 5 hacks, I want you to cherish every step you take, every discovery, every moment of enlightenment, because I want to remind you that the world is a little brighter because of you.

And, yeah, I really want to say that I appreciate that you're taking time out to watch this.

And, if you need anything, just pop me a message.

With hugs and love Rose

ps Have you checked out my latest breathwork program? "Blueprint to Wellness" Just click the link below to find out more

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