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Podcasts - Love Being Invited! 

I have had the chance to work with some wonderful people along my journey. I've popped some links if you'd like to have a look at some of my podcasts. Enjoy!

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How To Tap Into Your Spiritual Side
BAM Build & Monetise Podcast

I absolutely love Lindsey Anderson, and totally tune into her energy frequency.

She is an amazing Business Coach and I've even joined her wonderful Launch Circle where she shares so much business know how!

She invited me to share some of the good stuff .... of course my Spiritual habits and beliefs! Loved every minute !

Hope you have time to listen in ....

how to train your mind to be calm Kim Co

How To Train Your Mind To Be calm

Strong & Sculpted Podcast

This is a podcast I was invited to with Kim Constable, The Sculpted Vegan. It was about using breath to calm and keep you centered.

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The Secret is YOU

Guided Spirit Conversations
with Marla Goldberrg

Awakening of the Human Being

An Interview with Peter Shepherd
about Transforming the Mind

This was an indepth interview with Peter about raising your vibration and searching for inner truth. He has many books published, and has great reality meets spirituality concepts.

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