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SoulVamp Your Life


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Ready To Save Yourself?

Have you ever renovated a room, a building, a home?


Me too, but renovating our mind is a whole new level of awesomeness.

Exclusive PROVEN Group Programs

VIP 1-2-1 Programs

PRESTIGE Program (unique to each client)

Let's Get Together for a 15 minute chat.


Identify your struggles and see if we are a good fit. 

You will leave with some handy tools, after our chat, that help you see the potential of using your energy as a tool!

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Celestial Wisdom is
A Conscious Choice

It helps you to clear the pathways of your mind, invite in the wisdom to fall back in love with yourself and your life, ultimately, with the goal to being totally 100% UNAPOLOGETICALLY REAL and Authentically YOU!


Proven Program

Let's Plot
The Journey Together!

Group Program

VIP Program 1-2-1

Prestige Custom




[6 week]

Individual Program


The Breath of Life

Individual Sessions

Techniques to Remove Stress

1-2-1 Guided Meditations

Learn to bring Balance into your Life!


Energy Readings

Let Me Reflect Your Past Lives

To Show You ....

How Your Past Lives

 Have A Bearing

On Your Current Physical Journey


Annual Readings

Business Advice​

Relationship Advice​

Guidance from Your Soul!​

Email Annual Reading


Based On Your Choices


Podcasts I've Loved

Join me by clicking on the link below and sharing beautiful energy.  Let's talk about how to use your energy as a resource.


Mindset is a funny word..... filled with terror (sometimes) especially when we are starting off along our personal Journey in this Physical vehicle that gives us our greatest gift "Breath" for Life  and of course "Freewill"!


So many of my beautiful clients in my community don't feel heard, not even by themselves, and have the need to commit to themselves ... to live a more purposeful and content life. 


They have a deep rooted need to fall back in Love .... with themselves and with their choices, and somewhere along the line they have forgotten how to truly "LIVE".


The good news is they are not alone and especially when you have someone who has travelled lifes roads, with her own fear and anxiety, but come through it learning so much wisdom and knowing, that it needs to be shared, so that many more beautiful people can find their way and light the path ahead!


That's why I'm here with you right now !

Hey it’s Rose here,


I have over 29 years experience and I’ve helped so many Beautiful People switch on their light and achieve being present in their present moment! Which really is the only true "now" moment!

I don't do it the conventional way, and YES there are many different variations of Coaches out there, and some beautiful people feel a need to go to those coaches who appeal to the "masses".... and then there are some who want a more personal and unique approach to their mindset. 


They want to have someone who truly cares, and appreciate their own personal journey. I think this is why I chose to create my Signature IHS Transformation Program.  A series of intimate videos, meditations and journalling exercises, where you learn to use time and not lose time! WHY?  ..... I am here to see you  reach your own personal destination! Whatever that means to you !


Today.....Could be the Beginning of a Wonderful New Beginning, Where you Get to Create The Love In Your Heart, Your life, Your Soul!

Because YOU Do Have Purpose!


Because YOU Should Be Free To Trust Your Personal Journey Without Any Self Doubt!


​This is commitment, intention, and accountability at its best ! And it leads to actual results. This is a proven program used by many ! Those moments of pure understanding yourself are truly PRICELESS!


Ready to CHOOSE YOU ?

Click on the "LETS CHAT" LINK  To Learn More.....

Transform Your Life 


No messing around, just a simple, easy to follow system designed especially for Beautiful People everywhere!



You are a Beautiful Person!


You Were Born To Choose Contentment!


You Were Born to Trust Your Sixth Sense / Intuition!


This Program Will Help You To Stop Doubting That You’re Perfect!

Time To Choose YOU!

Let's Tune You Back In !



To become a "runner" in our physical lifetime is always a problem, leading to anxiety, worry, fear, guilt, self criticism.

Let me share with you the tools to learn to be "present" which takes practise! This is a commitment of 6 months to help create new habits and release old beliefs.


REFLECT to you, your physical journey you have embarked on, with one purpose "Contentment".

I have designed this unique 1-2-1 Program "SoulVamp Transformation Program" that offers you the tools, to allow yourself "permission" to step back into your "wants" without FEAR.

To learn to TRUST & to embrace CHANGE is your LIFE PURPOSE!

Let Me Show You How!


p.s. There is no "Secret" .... the secret is "YOU"!!



Sarah ** UK 

I recently completed an extended spiritual coaching programme with Rose.  Rose in her special way acted as a mirror, allowing me develop a true sense of self worth and value. 


Holding me accountable for taking the steps I had committed to, taking me towards my goals and aspirations.


The tool kit I have developed over the last 11 months have given me the life skills that allow me to regain perspective and align myself with the Universe.


I would recommend this coaching to anyone who feels stuck or wants to know more about themselves and move forward into their true self.


Thank you Rose, ever grateful 🙏🏻

Ste** USA 

Canva - Happy African American female sm

I met Rose after I listened to her interview on a podcast that I was registered for. I was completely blown away by her enthusiasm for life, contagious laughter and vibrant energy. I felt as though she was speaking directly to me.


I started by signing up for a tarot reading and I was totally hooked from word one. Rose has a way of connecting with you through her readings and answered all of my questions before I even had time to ask them.

I continued my journey with Rose by signing up for her spiritual coaching. We have been working together and I feel so honored to have such an amazing spiritual coach to gently guide me along this journey.

I can’t speak highly enough of the time that Rose spends with me, the lessons she has taught me, and the newfound spirituality that I am so grateful to have found.  I thank my angels daily for allowing me the opportunity to meet Rose!!Big Angel hugs 🤗

Le** USA

Spiritual coaching with Rose has been an incredible journey!


It has created a whole new perspective on life for me and allowed me to take a closer look at the way I live each day.


Each day is such a gift and without this designated time with Rose I would not remember to take time to “breathe”.


Breathing has a whole new meaning it’s given me permission to embrace the present and honor this amazing gift of life!


I continued with the program and I'm now well into over a year of coaching and will continue to learn and grow.


Rose thank you for all you have done to help guide me! 🙏😇 

Energy is your Compass! Let Energy be your Guide!

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A full 50 minute online reading VIA Zoom, Whatsapp or FB Messenger.

Let's tap into your own energy, heart, mind & soul, to uncover what it is you need to understand, Past Lives Included!

No matter the situation, the answer always lies within.


Your soul always wants the best for your physical experience.

I Act As The Mirror To Your Soul!

BreathWork & Free Will

Breath & Free Will are the two gifts you were born with. Natural resources to bring you back to balance and contentment in your life.

I love teaching Practical Meditation Techniques that you can use out and about.

With Today's life being so busy, it's hard to take time out to breathe, let me show you how.

So simple, yet so necessary!

I've shared one of my lessons from my Soul Map Challenge - Enjoy !


I Love Podcasts

I have had so many interesting deep seeking talks with many people that I am so happy to share with you.

If you would like to listen to one of my recent podcasts, feel free to click below.

It's always wonderful to be talking to like minded beautiful souls, looking for contentment and answers from their own hearts.

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