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Accountability is KEY


  • Highly sought after mindset guidance from Rose Henry helping you to maintain work-life balance

  • Conquer your FEARS internally

  • Dominate your downtime

  • Exclusive Mindset Programs 

  • Community Programs to build your awareness and set your intentions.

Leap of Faith: Uprooting my
Corporate Life for Passion


Have you ever felt like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole, your world turned upside down by choices that seemed like the right ones at the moment, but left you in an unending free fall of uncertainty and restlessness?


Imagine experiencing that tumble, not once, not twice, but three times over, crisscrossing continents and cultural landscapes, pursuing a fickle dream only to realise it was a mirage.


Today, I am going to share a story that will make you question, dare, and hope, all at once. So, buckle up! It's going to be a wild, heart-stopping, yet rewarding ride.


As a child, my parents emigrated to South Africa. I traded the crisp fresh air and familiar streets of the UK,  for the mesmerizing sunsets and stimulating vibrancy of South Africa. I had to go through changes in my life, my very essence, and shifted gears to a land completely foreign yet exciting. It was the start of growth, change and purpose moving forward in my life.

At the age of 44, amidst the rising crime rates and growing discomfort in South Africa, my dream needed to change yet again, as we took another leap of faith, moving to Sydney, Australia, hoping to find our elusive peace. This was a huge risk, as we used all our financial resources to make this happen.


A decision that was supposed to bring joy only bred despair.  Well, that was me, stuck in an Australian paradise, living a nightmare.  Happiness really does flow inside out and at this stage I wasn't feeling aligned with the move I had made. Have you ever found yourself feeling unhappy because of a choice and you're nervous to make a change?

After many sleepless nights and soul-searching, my husband and I embarked on another journey, this time to Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland. From the sun-baked streets of Sydney to the misty allure of Northern Ireland, we moved, bearing our entire life in only our suitcases. We had lost everything but hope.  Breath and Free Will will always lead the way!

I bid adieu to my lucrative corporate career, where I had been feeling like I was selling my soul. Instead, I chose to nurture my 'passionate rose'—my desire to guide people through their struggles, connecting them to their breath and mindset, enabling them to question their realities, their choices.


We moved in 2010, and with 100% committment, it took three years of persistent efforts, undying passion, and absolute trust to build my mindset business and eventually to settle, trust, and through this trust,  buy a home in Northern Ireland. The same home where my clients, many of whom are now my friends, come to find solace, whether physically or via online channels, to learn the ways of mindfulness, and to find answers to that eternal question, "Who am I?"


Today, I stand in Northern Ireland, living my truth, radiating happiness. The day we arrived here with our suitcases, was the day I truly began to live. I was 46 then, and if I can share anything from my journey, it is this - the World is Your Oyster. Embrace it!

The most powerful tool you have is your free will—the ability to make a choice. If you're not happy where you are, only you have the power to change that. The question is, are you ready to make that choice?


If you are ready to receive tips to receive work-life balance, then welcome aboard this exhilarating journey of life where you are the captain, steering your ship towards the shores of happiness and fulfilment. Let's chat, let's take that leap of faith together!

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Invest In Yourself Today!

Picture this: you've invested in houses, careers, and even the ever-elusive stock market. But let me drop a truth bomb 💣 - the ultimate investment opportunity is lurking within you, right in the depths of your IMAGINATION! 🧠


That's right, folks! Your mind holds the key to untapped potential, and I'm here to unlock it together!

🚀 Introducing my Exclusive PROVEN Programs - tailor-made for YOU! 🚀 Tested by many who have moved towards finding that all elusive work-life balance.

There are  VIP 1-2-1 Programs that will have you feeling like a  rockstar 💪 and the PRESTIGE Program, personalized for each and every one of my exceptional clients. 🌟


This isn't just your average cookie-cutter approach; it's all about embracing what makes you UNIQUE!

Now, you might be wondering, "Why should I jump on this opportunity?" Well, let me tell you, it's not just a chat. 🗣️ It's an electrifying journey that will light up your path like a neon sign in a foggy night! 🌃

Imagine sitting down with me for a 15-minute chat 🕒, where we'll dive deep into your struggles and dreams, like detectives on a mission! 🔍


But here's the kicker - this isn't your typical snooze-fest consultation. Oh no! You'll leave with some mind-blowing tools 🤯 that'll have you harnessing your energy like a superhero wields their powers! 💥

It's time to break free from the mundane, shake off those doubts, and embrace the boundless potential within you! 🌈💫 So, what are you waiting for? Let's rock this journey together and take your imagination to places you never thought possible! 🚀🌌

But hey, here's a little secret 🙊 - you are not a number, you are very important to me, I'm here to help you reach your full potential, so you'll have a front-row seat to something extraordinary and not get lost in the crowd!


😉 So, buckle up, and let's take this adventure to new heights! 🚀🌟

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Unleash the Unapologatecially "REAL YOU" !
A Mindset Makeover Journey

Prepare yourself for a rollercoaster of emotions, self-discovery, and a sprinkle of magic, as we embark on a journey together to fall back in love with yourself and your life.

🌟 Embrace Your Brilliance: Discover the hidden gems within yourself, and watch as your self-esteem soars to new heights.

🌟 Unleash Your Authenticity: Break free from societal expectations and embrace your uniqueness without apology.

🌟 Magical Mindset Shifts: Experience mind-bending revelations that will reshape your perspective on life, love, and success.

🌟 Expert Guidance: Join a supportive community led by seasoned mindset mentor who's walked the path to authenticity.

Get ready to conquer your fears, seize the reins of your life, and rewrite the narrative of your journey. Unleash the unapologetically real YOU today – your life will never be the same again.


So, why wait? Let's chat and embark on this life-altering adventure together!

Life wasn't meant to be a fairytale

Proven Mindset Programs

Let's Plot Your
Journey Together!

Group Program

VIP Program 1-2-1

Prestige Custom Program

Individual online breath Program, use breath as a tool for balance



Online Program

The Breath of Life

Individual Lessons

Individual Meditations

Unique techniques

Guided Meditations

Energy Reading Guidance & Advice From The Heart

Energy Readings

Remove the illusion of who you think you are, and step into your heartbeat, as it reflects back to you, all that you are !  An energy reading filled with messages from your own Soul!


Annual Readings

Business Advice​

Relationship Advice​

Guidance from Your Soul!​

Email Annual Reading


Based On Your Choices

Use Your Energy As A Tool

Podcasts I've Loved

Join me by clicking on the link below and sharing beautiful energy.  Let's talk about how to use your energy as a resource.




To become a "runner" in our physical lifetime is always a problem, leading to anxiety, worry, fear, guilt, self criticism.

Let me share with you the tools to learn to be "present" which takes practise! Discipline, Intention, Goal & Destination is what you will receive when you get serious about plotting your happiness.


Your physical journey you have embarked on, has one purpose "Contentment". You were born to walk in perfect happiness.

I have designed these unique Programs which are proven and have been used for many years by lots of my clients, and offers you the tools, to allow yourself "permission" to step back into your "wants" without FEAR.

To learn to TRUST & to embrace CHANGE is your LIFE PURPOSE!

Let Me Show You How!


p.s. There is no "Secret" .... the secret is "YOU"!!

Accountability Coaching


Sarah ** UK 

I recently completed an extended spiritual coaching programme with Rose.  Rose in her special way acted as a mirror, allowing me develop a true sense of self worth and value. 


Holding me accountable for taking the steps I had committed to, taking me towards my goals and aspirations.


The tool kit I have developed over the last 11 months have given me the life skills that allow me to regain perspective and align myself with the Universe.


I would recommend this coaching to anyone who feels stuck or wants to know more about themselves and move forward into their true self.


Thank you Rose, ever grateful 🙏🏻

Ste** USA 

Canva - Happy African American female sm

I met Rose after I listened to her interview on a podcast that I was registered for. I was completely blown away by her enthusiasm for life, contagious laughter and vibrant energy. I felt as though she was speaking directly to me.


I started by signing up for a tarot reading and I was totally hooked from word one. Rose has a way of connecting with you through her readings and answered all of my questions before I even had time to ask them.

I continued my journey with Rose by signing up for her spiritual coaching. We have been working together and I feel so honored to have such an amazing spiritual coach to gently guide me along this journey.

I can’t speak highly enough of the time that Rose spends with me, the lessons she has taught me, and the newfound spirituality that I am so grateful to have found.  I thank my angels daily for allowing me the opportunity to meet Rose!!Big Angel hugs 🤗

Le** USA

Spiritual coaching with Rose has been an incredible journey!


It has created a whole new perspective on life for me and allowed me to take a closer look at the way I live each day.


Each day is such a gift and without this designated time with Rose I would not remember to take time to “breathe”.


Breathing has a whole new meaning it’s given me permission to embrace the present and honor this amazing gift of life!


I continued with the program and I'm now well into over a year of coaching and will continue to learn and grow.


Rose thank you for all you have done to help guide me! 🙏😇 

Energy is your Compass! Let Energy be your Guide!



A full 50 minute online reading VIA Zoom, Whatsapp or FB Messenger.

Let's tap into your own energy, heart, mind & soul, to uncover what it is you need to understand, Past Lives Included!

No matter the situation, the answer always lies within.


Your soul always wants the best for your physical experience.

I Act As The Mirror To Your Soul!

BreathWork & Free Will

Right now, in this very moment, you possess two extraordinary gifts that are innately yours - breath and free will.


These aren't merely concepts or abstract ideas, but profound resources, as natural as the air around you and as deep as your very essence. These resources have the power to anchor you, to bring a profound sense of balance and contentment in your life.

Imagine being able to tap into this inner peace, even amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. That's where I come in. I love guiding individuals like you through practical meditation techniques.


These aren't just methods to be practiced in the quiet solitude of your home. No, these are tools you can wield even while navigating the chaos of the outside world.

In the whirlwind of today's busy life, pausing to take a breath can seem like a luxury we can't afford. But what if I told you it's not just possible, it's essential? I'm here to show you how.

This isn't a complex philosophy or an unattainable state of mind. It's incredibly simple, so much so that it might seem unbelievable. Yet, it's absolutely necessary for your well-being.


Join me in this journey of self-discovery and start experiencing the power of breath and free will right now. You deserve it.


My Breath Will
Lead The Way

I Love Podcasts

You know, I've had more heart-to-hearts with fascinating folks than a nosy barista in a coffee shop! And boy, do I have some piping-hot wisdom to serve you.

Want a taste of my latest brew? Click below to check out my recent podcast. It's hotter than a fresh latte and richer than a triple chocolate muffin.

Talking to you soul-searchers out there is like finding the perfect marshmallow in a sea of hot cocoa - rare and oh-so delightful. You folks are looking for answers, and let me tell you, they're closer than you think. Right in your heart, in fact.

So come on, let's stir things up together!

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